Policemen Story

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The other day my hubby and I realized that we hadnít been to the beach for a long time so we decided to go. Even though it was February, the day was very hot so we took our bathing suits in hopes of going swimming. But since the water was really very cold and we didn't have any antifreeze we ended up with walking along the beach.

Listening to the roaring of the ocean always makes me feel Sunset good, and usually brings some romantic emotions with it. While we were talking about this special and kind of strange year which we have spent here in California, the sky got darker and the gorgeous pink clouds were an omen (anticipation??) of the coming sunset. By that time, we had gotten to the long Newport Beach pier, and waited a few more minutes until the sun completely sank into the ocean. It was a spectacular and overwhelming performance.

It quickly got cold so we decided not to walk in the sand but walk along the boardwalk (beach sidewalk). It seemed quite safe. As we were walking by the small stores and restaurants I mentioned to my honey how safe I feel here compared to walking at night in Bratislava.

All of a sudden we heard some noise and screaming just a few feet in front of us. Just a second after I asked myself, "Where is this coming from?" we saw the cause. Two policemen were fighting with two guys and trying to put them on the ground. One of the guys was quite easygoing, but the other one objected and didn't want to lie down. Both policemen were pointing guns at them. But the one who didn't obey really drove his policeman crazy. The policeman kept shouting, "Put your hands down on the ground!!! Now!!! NOW!!!!" and got really angry. He didnít know whether the guy had a gun or not.. I was thinking all sorts of bad thoughts. Actually I was almost sure that the policeman was going to shoot the guy (only at his feet, don't worry, because he really made him go postal. Nobody knew what was going on and everybody was kind of backing up to give policemen some space in case something happened. I remember the big lump in my throat and numb feet. "Oh, gosh... I don't want to be involved in something like this! Oh, God, please, spare my life and I promise you to never get angry with my husband...." So, HE did. Finally, after a pretty LONG while, some other police help came (with sirens). They made the uncooperative guy lie down on the ground too, frisked him, then handcuffed them both..

So, another performance ended. Life became normal again as they took the guys to the big police cars. The police didnít leave any signs, so no one would even know that something had just happened right here.

Pred  -  Domov  -  Fotky  -  Dalej